Exercise Babies

Exercising is quite useful both in terms of physical and mental development for babies. For this reason, we take a look at the correct exercise for babies for Mom’s Land this month.

One of the most important issues that doctors agree on all over the world is that sports are of great benefit to the body and mental health. This of course also applies to babies. Babies, who are at the fastest and most important periods of development and growth, highly benefit from the correct exercise. Moreover, this activity which allows the baby to recognize his own body strengthens the bond between mother and baby.

Regular exercises especially during the period of 0-2 age, where muscle and bone development is the fastest, contribute greatly to the development of babies. While the physical development of the babies is promoted through physical activities that are compatible with their age with the help of their parents, their motor and cognitive development are accelerated and their adaptation to social and emotional environments are improved.

Benefits of Exercise for Babies
It helps in physical and mental development.
It improves movement skills.
It prevents posture disorder and provides a healthy posture.
It helps muscle and joint development.
It contributes to early walking or sports tendency.
It helps the child to have a self-confident and have a personality with high social skills.
It strengthens the bond between the baby and the parent.
What to consider in exercises?

Light exercises that will not tire the baby are recommended for a few weeks while babies start to exercise. 5-10 minutes of exercise will be enough for the baby. In exercises that can be done several times a day, appropriate movements must be made by the baby without tiring him that are suitable for his body and age.

The ambient temperature should be 22-24 Celsius for baby to exercise. Small movements can be made by observing the baby’s reactions in movements that can be done on a smooth area with a bath towel or a blanket.

When and which exercise should be done?
0-6 Month
Two simple exercises may be recommended for the 0-6-month age group. The first is turning exercises. The baby is laid down on the back, one leg is turned over the other leg and he is helped to turn. Secondly, the baby is laid face down and he is helped to get up over his arms. In this way, the back and neck muscles are operated.

It is also possible to allow the baby to perform self-paced turning exercises on a controlled basis.

6-12 months
The baby is brought back to the crawling position supported by the soles of the feet, and balance control is expected to develop. This movement will strengthen the baby’s muscles.

12-24 Months
Walking exercises can be started these months. After controlling the balance, it is beneficial to make the movements by hitting the ball and pushing the ball with the foot. Exercises such as climbing and hopping should be done towards the age of two.

It is helpful to consult your doctor and get his approval before your baby starts to exercise about starting time of the exercise, suitable movements and time.

Despite the exercises fit for his age and done with a parental support, you should consult the doctor, if any disruption or delay in the development of the baby’s muscles and bones is noticed.

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