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41st WEEK

Welcome baby!

Yes, the 41st week of your pregnancy is the last week that your baby will spend in your belly. You should give birth by this week. If your contractions don’t start this week, your doctor may induce the birth. Your baby’s skull bones aren’t fused yet so that she can pass through the birth canal. After the birth, your baby’s head may look a bit flat and long. This happens in all babies who are delivered vaginally and is usually rectified within a few days or one week after the birth.

Birth is an event that begins when your waters break. As soon as the amniotic fluid is discharged, your labour pains increase. Contractions occur 3 times every 10 minutes for 40 to 50 seconds, and increase in frequency.

The uterus must be dilated to a certain extent to enable birth, but this can take hours. After opening your cervix, you may begin to push, but follow the midwife’s instructions.