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38th WEEK

Your Baby

Your baby weighs about 3 kg and is 50 cm long. Organs are ready to function in the outside world. Your baby completes her organ development as of this week. The grip ability is stronger, so when she comes to the world her curious fingers will want to touch everything.

During this period especially, parents wonder what their baby will look like. The eye and hair colour of new-born infants don’t usually stay the same as they grow. Newborn babies often have grey or dark blue eyes, but their real eye colour will appear in their ninth month.


Changes in your body also continue. Your feet and ankles may swell a little; this is normal at this stage. However, if your feet, ankles, face and even the area around the eyes swell suddenly, you should inform your doctor.

This week is called “birth waiting week”. Stopping work, if applicable, is important for your health. We advise you to read books, get rest and even do some shopping for your baby while waiting for the birth.