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36th WEEK

Your Baby

This week you are past the high-risk phase. You will feel your baby’s hands and arms moving. The skeleton finishes its development in these weeks. Your baby is about 47 cm tall and weighs approximately 2,700 g. In addition, your baby begins to shed the vernix layer, a waxy, protective substance covering the skin.

This week, your baby is considered to have reached the end of normal term. Between 37 and 42 weeks is considered the normal time to give birth; birth before 37 weeks is considered premature; and birth after 42 weeks is considered overdue. Your baby is in a head-down position now. If he or she is not, your doctor may suggest an ECV method for you (when the baby is turned).


Finally, in this week, you must prepare your birth bag! Keep it somewhere you can easily access anytime, because labour may be sudden and you may easily forget it. What should be in the birth bag? Breastfeeding tops, sleepwear and clothes for you and baby depending on the season, bootees, alcohol-free wet wipes, diapers and a diaper changing mat.