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34th WEEK

Your baby

In this month, your baby’s immune system develops. Sleeping pattern, like we mentioned in previous weeks, is still regular. Your baby has 1-1.5 hours of regular sleep. Also this week, a substance called “surfactant” begins to form in your baby’s lungs. The surfactant is a substance which prevents the walls of alveoli which provides ventilation in the lungs from sticking together after emptying the air inside.


If you have early birth this week, do not worry. Today, the babies who are born between 34 and 37 weeks don’t have health problems usually. If you give birth this week, your baby will stay at the neonatal unit until the 41st week. This is important to complete her development phase. The very first time babies are outside of surfactant is in the neonatal unit. Again in the neonatal intensive care unit, the baby’s development is followed by checking the eyes and the ears.