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33rd WEEK

Your Baby

This week, your baby’s wrinkles begin to disappear and the skin becomes much smoother. Meanwhile, her skeletal structure becomes firmer. The bones in the skull are fused and head diameter will begin to grow more rapidly than before in this week. Pupils in your baby’s eyes, like yours, will shrink in the light and expand in the dark. Like newborns, your baby spends a large part of her time sleeping. In this week, her lungs are almost complete. Rapid weight gain starts in this phase. Subcutaneous fat, which protects the body temperature of your baby, thickens and the baby gradually gets into the birth position.


As your belly grows, there will be a slowdown in your movements and your pain will increase. During this period, you may need help to sit down or stand up because of your big belly. Because of this, we do not recommend spending time alone from this week alone. You must also be conscious of the risk of premature birth. If you are a working mother, you should consider taking your maternity leave from now.