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29th WEEK

Your baby

The eighth month of your pregnancy begins and your baby continues to grow rapidly. She currently weighs over 1 kg and her head grows to accommodate the developing brain. In this important week, with your baby’s increasing food requirements, you should take plenty of protein, vitamin C, folic acid and iron. To strengthen your baby’s bones, you should also ensure you are getting enough calcium: this can be found in milk, yogurt and cheese, for example.

The more your baby grows, the more her movements increase – this is a good sign. If you cannot detect your baby moving, you must consult your doctor. If abnormality is suspected, you may be given a NST (non-stress test). This is the first step in the evaluation of infants with a high probability of fetal distress.


This week may be a little bit difficult for you. Leg pain, varicose veins, oedema, heartburn and constipation may become more frequent. The pregnancy hormone progesterone will relax your muscles, including the gastro-intestinal muscles. Your digestive system will slow down naturally, which can cause wind, heartburn and constipation, especially after eating a big meal.