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28th WEEK

Your baby

You are in the third trimester period. In this week, your baby will continue to grow rapidly and will fill the uterus as much as possible. Your baby’s lungs continue to develop. Billions of nerve cells are formed in her brain and her body continues to gain fat to prepare for life outside the womb.


Your uterus expands and you may notice an increase in swelling and varicose veins in your legs this week. Avoid lying down on your back and try to sleep on your left side: this position will help prevent low blood pressure.

Fatigue, spasms and pain will be common at this stage. It is important to pay attention to any excessive pain due to the risk of premature birth. In this period a rapid increase in your weight gain is possible. Your visits to the doctor will be more frequent as you get closer to the birth: usually every two weeks. However, after the 36th week, doctor check-ups must be weekly.