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15th WEEK

Your Baby

You have entered an exciting week: you will be able to learn the gender of your baby via an ultrasound scan. The baby’s amniotic fluid moves to the upper airway through her nose, allowing the creation of simple air sacs in the lungs. The eyes are still closed, but can sense light, so if you shine light on your bump, your baby will notice it. Its current size is approximately 10 cm.

It is normal to gain weight rapidly during this period.


If your nausea has subsided, your diet will change and you may gain weight quickly and suddenly. To ensure weight control, it is important to take regular exercise. This will keep you energised, and help you to lose weight after pregnancy. Our recommendation for this week is to do pregnancy pilates, which can help alleviate  problems like indigestion and oedema, and help you have a comfortable birth.