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14th WEEK

Your Baby

Welcome to the second trimester period! You are in your fourth month and the development of your baby continues. The liver begins to produce bile this week. The spleen begins to help the production of red blood cells. Even though you cannot feel the kicks and the poking yet, your little boxer’s hands and feet, which are about 1.5 cm at the moment, are now more flexible and moving.

Meanwhile, your baby begins to make facial expressions. He can squint, frown, grimace and suck his thumb. During these months, your baby’s kidneys start working. Your baby can pee. If you wonder “Where the urine goes?” we should tell you right now that your baby’s pee goes into the amniotic fluid. This situation will continue until the birth.


You may feel more energetic this week. If your nausea still hasn’t passed, it will disappear within a few weeks. Your belly is growing, so that everyone will see that you are pregnant.