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11th WEEK

Your Baby

Your baby is now 2cm taller compared to the previous weeks. She is approximately 4 cm now and has reached the size of a fig. Now it is not an embryo, it’s a big “foetus”! The brain develops rapidly and the bones also strengthen. Your baby will be able to dance in your stomach right now without any difficulty. This also means that your baby will start kicking.


You can feel yourself more energetic this week compared to other weeks. Your nausea has passed completely and you can eat dinner easily now. But due to the hormonal changes which slow down your digestion, you may have symptoms like constipation and heartburn. To strengthen your body during your pregnancy, you should do sports like swimming, hiking etc. These type of exercises will make your body gain strength by making it resistant. Also in this period, doing sport will help you regain your old form quickly after birth as your muscle tissue will harden.